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SAB, a leading bearing manufacturing company, provides solutions for a wide range of applications.

At SAB, there is a strong emphasis on quality and customer satisfaction. We value our customers and have developed emphatic relations with our esteemed and satisfied customers through collaborative CRM ( customer relationship management).

We at SAB, have short lead time and expanding product line. The state of the art Plant and proprietary product quality management system have enabled us to become a performance leader in the bearing industry.

We have developed a time saving system which lowers operational costs by reducing metal to metal friction and incorporating advanced bearing technology. We care to provide value added services like complete bearings fitments and maintenance solutions to our customers. We emphasize on continual improvement to reduce variation and defects and make our processes environmentally sustainable throughout the supply chain.

We provide complete engineering services and technical support like bearing application assessment to customised product development. We customize our products to achieve highest technical and commercial standards based on requirements.

Manufactured in eastern part of India, SAB provides excellent friction solutions. We have experience across various industry verticals, delivering reliable products, well in time. With a large inventory, consistent efforts and by constantly adopting new technologies for perfection, we have gained a high reputation.

Under the “Atmanirbhar Bharat” and “Make in India” program, we aim to make India self- reliant and self- sufficient in this field promoting “Vocal for Local”.

Mr. Akshay Nathany

Managing Director, Sab Bearings

Director’s Message

The future awaits, and we stand poised to create a legacy that echoes through time.

There should be a strong emphasis on quality and customer satisfaction. Both the above have a strong overlap and the entire focus of the company should endeavor to achieve that. There is no greater pleasure than to have a satisfied customer.

Mr. Anant Nathany

Managing Director, Sab Bearings

Director’s Message

Our approach to business involves providing first- class products and services to our customers. In fact, at SAB Anant Sir Bearings, we are very proud to have a corporate image built around quality and integrity. Our Company has reported continuous growth through improved efficiencies, and strategic decisions of providing effective application based product solutions to our customers Our products are the result of extensive research, advanced engineering, and rigorous testing, ensuring reliability and longevity. I believe “Quality is remembered long after price is forgotten”

SAB design and production engineering measures lead to better and more uniform surfaces and contact zones, resulting in a considerable improvement in load distribution within the bearing and a significant reduction in frictional torque.

This in turn leads to higher basic dynamic load ratings compared to the previous standard and thus to a longer bearing operating life.

Our Mission

The entire ecosystem of vendors, workers, employees, buyers and all those people who get involved with the company in any way should feel their personal success whilst being associated here.

Our Vision

We aspire to be a leading manufacturing company in India for standard and non-standard bearings. To manufacture quality product for both the Indian and International market. Customer should get complete bearing solution at competitive prices while maintaining minimum inventory and getting the product in shortest possible time.

Our Certificate Of Recognition

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